Product Photography

Here are some examples of product and food photography. Because you buy food, it can also be considered product photography. There are many resources and tips you can find through a simple google search on how to shoot products and food. Each of these product photos were taken in different lighting situations and with different techniques, from outdoor blurred motion, to indoor light painting.

Read the descriptions below each picture to learn more!

red bull product photography

This product shot of RedBull was taken witha tripod and a slow shutter speed to blur the waterfall.

gigipip product photography

This product photography portrait of Jasmine Perry wearing a Gigipip hat was taken with a Godox light.


rawlings football, product photography

This image of a Rawlings football was taken indoors in a dark room. Paired with a low shutter speed, I light painted the football with a small flashlight. 

nature valley product photography

This product shot of Nature Valley’s granola was taken indoors. I used a continuous light source. 

Food photograpy tip!

I did not use milk for this product shot. I made a base using flower and water, then a small layer of Elmers glue on top. I placed the granola, fruit and mint leaves on top. This allows the food to sit on top without sinking, and a long window of time to get the correct shot. 

indoor light painting, product photography

This image is an indoor lightpainting. The American Family scale is an antique. Using a black sheet to darken the background,  a small flashlight,  and a slow shutter speed, I light painted the subjects. In post production I dodge and burned the shadows and highlights. 

product photography kiwi

This food photography image of a kiwi and mint leaves was taken in natural light and sharpened in Lightroom.