Yellowstone’s landscapes and wildlife are what make it one of the most unique places in the world. 

Yellowstone National Park is known for it’s unique landscapes and active wildlife. These images were taken in the spring, when the wildlife is known to be most active, as they are come off of Yellowstone’s harsh winters. 

Browse through the gallery to learn about some the behind the scenes of these gorgeous Yellowstone landscape and wildlife photography shots. 

yellowstone landscape and wildlife

This Yellowstone landscape shot was taken on a tripod. I used my Canon R6 and a 24-70mm lens. I bracketed the shot to capture both the shadows and highlights. 

yellowstone landscapes and wildlife, old faithful

Yellowstone’s famous Old Faithful Gyser is one of the most popular attractions in the park. Rangers are able to predict when the gyser will erupt within 10 minutes of the event. I edited this image in Adobe Lightroom. 

yellowstone landscapes and wildlife

This image is also bracketed. I use Adobe Lightroom to combine my bracketed images. To bracket your images in Lightroom, at the top of the page, click photo, and then photo merge.  

yellowstone landscape and wildlife

Bison fun fact! Did you know that trhe term buffalo is not correct? It is a slang term that is used by Americans.